How Your Dog Could Save You!

There a lot of things that make dogs amazing companions and there is no doubt that dogs have keener senses than us humans. Hearing, smell and eyesight are much more developed in dogs that in their human companions. They are also acutely aware of how you are feeling, particularly with a dog you have had for a while.

We know that some (but not all!) dogs can help keep your home safe from unwanted intruders. But there are other ways that they use their highly developed senses to keep us safe.


Dogs can sense when a storm is on the horizon. They have exceptional hearing and it’s possible that they can hear the thunder well before we can. In addition, dogs may have greater sensitivity to the electromagnetic charge of a thunder and lightning storm. Because they’ve got better sniffers than humans, they can smell the rain and the maybe even the electricity in the air before we do. Finding safety before a lightning storm could keep you out of harms way.


History has taken note of animals of all types, including dogs, acting strange and unsettled before an earthquake hits. An article from 2012 in Psychology Today by Dr. Stanley Coren, seems to demonstrate that dogs are able to sense an earthquake a few hours or even days in advance. It is unknown why this happens, but his findings seem to indicate that maybe dogs are able to hear different higher pitched noises that the earth is making prior to an earthquake that tip them off that something is wrong. This certainly could save your life.


There are dogs that are specifically trained to sense when their human is about to have a seizure and to assist afterwards. Again it is unknown how dogs are able to tell that a seizure is coming, but they can. Not every dog is trained to respond to seizures, but all dogs seem to be able to sense something is coming. Any person that experiences regular or severe seizures should look into this.

Low Blood Sugar

This is another example of how a dog’s keen sense of smell can help a human companion. When a person is experiencing very low blood sugar levels, they put off a smell that dogs are key in on. That tells them something is wrong and they alert the person or anybody around. For diabetics, this could be a lifesaver.

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