How to Use NEBO Treats

Congratulations on purchasing the very best dog jerky treats in the land! We promise your dog is going to love the delicious, smoky flavor and you will love how healthy they are for your loyal companion.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of our small-batch Jerky Treats:

  • Our dog jerky treats are all-natural, so to maintain freshness make sure you seal the bag after each use. Each bag has a zipper at the top that allows you to open and close it easily. Don’t forget to close the bag so the treats stay tender and moist.
  • Help your treats go further by breaking them into smaller pieces. Our tender jerky strips and cuts are perfect for training and easily break apart into smaller pieces. Whatever you don’t use, just put it back in the back in the pouch and zip it back up.
  • Use them as a reward. These treats are so great that your dog would rather eat these than almost anything else. But remember to use them as a reward when you want to encourage good behavior. The more you reward positive behavior with a delicious treat, the more likely it is that your dog learn good manners.
  • Use them daily. Dogs like a routine and the more you use our Jerky Sticks and Nibs, the more they will look forward to them and respond to them.

Thank you so much for choosing Nebo as your dog treat of choice.

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