Dog Hygiene Essentials

Do you want to care for your pet while also saving money? Or maybe your new to dog ownership and you’re not sure how to groom your dog. An important way to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy is by keeping up with grooming and hygiene.

It can be costly if you pay for a grooming service to do it every week, month, or a few times a year. However, your dog’s well-being depends on you being responsible and keeping up with their grooming needs. Follow these five tips to learn how to groom your dog at home to save money and ensure your dog is well-cared for.

Brushing Fur

When deciding how often to brush your dog’s fur, you need to consider it’s length first. A dog with shorter hair may need less attention that a dog with long, bushy fur. If your dog has long fur, be sure to brush it daily to make sure it is not becoming too tangled or matted. For a dog with shorter fur, you should still brush it weekly. This helps to remove dead fur while also distributing natural oils found in the dog’s fur. Be gentle when brushing any dog’s fur so that you do not irritate the skin or pull fur out.

Dental Care

Just like humans, dog’s teeth need to be taken care of. Not taking care of a dog’s teeth can lead to more serious health issues later. To get started, choose a dog toothbrush and a dog-friendly toothpaste. Then, a few times a week, gently brush your dog’s teeth. This will help remove any build-up on the teeth while also helping you to keep an eye on any issues that may developing in your dog’s mouth. By keeping up with dental care, you can catch any pain, soreness, or potential mouth disease sooner.


The breed of your dog, size and activity level will determine frequently your dog should take a bath. Bathing every one to three weeks is a general recommendation for all dogs. Bathing too frequently might wash away the good oils in your dog’s fur which can be damaging. But, sometimes you “nose knows” and you realize it’s time for a bath.

Make sure to use dog-friendly soap that won’t irritate their skin. Check the water so that it is neither too hot nor too cold and try to avoid spraying the water in their eyes, ears and mouth. Keep the water level in the tub low, maybe just a few inches and put a bath mat in the tub so that your pup doesn’t slip.

Trimming Nails

Some dogs take care of their nails on their own. If they are active and outside a lot, their nails will get trimmed naturally. However, if you have an inside dog that doesn’t get a lot of walking time may need some help keeping their nails trimmed. If you notice your dog’s nails getting longer each week, then you will need to take action.

Out of all the home grooming tasks, trimming your dog’s nails is one you need to very careful with. There is a vein that runs through each of your dog’s nails. You will need to avoid cutting this during the trim. Trimming your dog’s nails is a more in depth process. Check out our blog post on nail trimming to find out more about how to do it.

Monitoring Ears

Similar to caring for your dog’s teeth and mouth, you should check your dog’s ears each week. Look to make sure they are clear of any dirt or foreign objects. If your dog appears to be in pain while you touch their ears or if you notice anything that doesn’t look right, contact your vet.

After giving each of these dog grooming tips a try, you can decide if you enjoy grooming at home. If not, find a dog groomer who can make sure your dog is happy, healthy, and cared for regularly.

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